Zody Office Chair

Zody is a story of firsts. It’s one of the first chairs ever to fully support two postures: sitting, and the in-between “perch” position that’s half sitting, half standing at a sit-to-stand desk. And it’s the first chair to satisfy the most stringent environmental standard: Cradle to Cradle Bronze® certification. In a nutshell, this is the most researched chair on the market. Ever.


Zody is designed to accommodate a sitting position and a “perch” position when your standing desk is raised. This optional adjustment supports the in-between posture that’s half sitting, half standing. But you don’t need a sit-to-stand desk to love this chair — it’s pure comfort both ways.

Built with over 20 years of independent field studies and knowledge, it’s the most researched chair on the market. The exclusive asymmetrical lumbar support mimics the anatomy of your spine and lets you fine-tune comfort on either side. Additional pelvic support rotates the pelvis forward to help maintain your spine’s natural curves as you sit.

And it’s not only good for your body. It’s good for the planet, too. This is the first chair ever to be Cradle to Cradle Bronze® certified — the most rigorous environmental standard for products that can be fully reused after their first life. It’s also GREENGUARD Gold® certified and independently tested to be free from over 10,000 chemicals to help contribute to cleaner air in your home.

Try it at home for 30 days. If you decide to return it, the shipping’s on us.

  • Adjustable Seat Height
  • 4D Arms
  • Adjustable Seat Depth
  • Back Stop
  • Tilt Tension
  • Forward Tilt
  • Optional Patented Asymmetrical Lumbar Support
  • Optional Dual Posture
  • Soft Casters


  • Standard Posture: Overall Height: 38"-47"
  • Dual Posture: Overall Height: 39.5"-46.2"
  • Overall Width: 29"
  • Overall Depth: 29"
  • Standard Posture: Seat Height: 16"–21"
  • Dual Posture: Seat Height: 17.5"–24.5"
  • Seat Width: 19.5"
  • Seat Depth: with Lumbar: 16.8"-19.5"
  • Seat Depth: without Lumbar: 17.5"-20.2"
  • Arm Height: 7.6"-11.6"
  • Warrantied for people up to 400 lbs.


How to Adjust & Care For Zody

Watch the video to see how to easily adjust Zody’s seat height and depth, tilt tension, and more.

Get to know all the adjustments on Zody.

Content: Care
  • Vacuum your chair as needed.
  • For additional cleaning, use a solution of lukewarm water and mild detergent (about 10%). Gently apply in a circular motion, then rinse with warm water and dry with a soft cloth.


Choose from breathable mesh, our signature zero-waste digital knit, or top-grain leather. Mesh naturally regulates body temperature and beautifully filters light. Digital knit offers the coziness of your favorite sweater and the innovation of technology. Because each cut is engineered to exact dimensions, there’s no leftover material — and zero waste. Our smooth, full-grain leather is soft and luxe with a premium feel.

Shipping, Setup, & Returns


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No assembly required. Your chair will be ready to go, right out of the box.


Free returns if initiated within 30 days of receipt.

Comfort Award
Sustainably Made
12 year warranty
30-Day Trial
Cradle to Cradle
BIFMA Certified

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Your back is going to love this.

Dual Posture

This innovative option supports the in-between posture that’s half sitting, half standing when your sit-to-stand desk is raised.

Pelvic Asymmetrical Lumbar Support

This patented system lets you independently control comfort on either side of your back. You’ll feel more support through your lumbar and pelvic area to maintain your spine’s natural curves as you sit.

Forward Tilt

Angle the seat downward by 5° to support a forward-leaning posture.

Seat Height Adjustment

Adjust the seat up and down depending on your height.

Tilt Tension Control

Go from relaxed and reclined to sitting upright in seconds with a simple, easy-to-use crank.

4D Arms

Get full support for your neck and shoulders with arms that move in and out, up and down, side to side, and front to back.

We’ll just call you a professional comfy person.

Sit, Stand or Somewhere In Between

Zody is one of the first chairs (ever!) to offer a dual posture option. That means it ergonomically supports two positions: sitting down, and that in-between “perch” position that’s half sitting, half standing. (If you have a sit-to-stand desk, you know what we mean.)

Genuinely Sustainable

Zody is the first chair ever to be Cradle to Cradle Certified® Bronze under the newest qualifications. This is the most ambitious standard yet for making products that enable an equitable and sustainable future for people and the planet. Zody also satisfies the most stringent level of environmental standards from the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association.

GREENGUARD Gold® Certified

Zody is independently tested to be free from over 10,000 chemicals to help contribute to cleaner air in your home. It’s considered the most stringent standard for ensuring products are low in VOC emissions, which can lead to healthier indoor environments. Short for volatile organic compounds, VOCs are chemicals emitted as gasses into the air. The most common exposure is in our homes.

Environmental Integrity

Our chairs are crafted with more than 90% recyclable materials. That means almost the entire thing can be broken down to be recycled — and they’re designed for easy disassembly, so recycling is hassle free. We don’t use PVC, heavy metals, or flame retardants to make our chairs.

Sustainable Comfort

Choose Zody upholstered in our Hobson fabric, and you’ll help make a difference. Made from 80% ocean-bound plastic and recycled polyester, this exclusive material is durable, modern, and soft to the touch. Each yard diverts 33 plastic bottles from entering our oceans.


Customer Reviews

Based on 120 reviews
Ryan Southard
Better than I imagined possible

I don’t quite spend 40 hours a week at a desk, but as long as I’m frying my corneas and pounding my keyboard when I’d rather be doing just about anything else, a moderately comfortable chair is a tender mercy.

I must have spent several hours studying office chairs before I pulled the trigger on the Zody. Having used it for a day, I can confidently say it’s the most comfortable office chair I’ve used in 30+ years of 9-to-fivery. I obviously didn’t appreciate how awful my prior chairs were, or understand how great a chair at this price point could be for overall comfort and productivity.

This chair is well built, easy on the eyes, easy to adjust, and just impossibly comfortable. It significantly exceeds my expectations.

Leslie Switzer
I'm fighting with the cat over this chair

My cat is in love with this chair. She'll even meow at me to get out of it. Sometimes I give in. When I wake up in the morning, she's sleeping in it. That aside, this is the most well-built chair that I've ever owned. I've never had a high-end chair before, and now I understand why they cost a bit more. It is highly adjustable. It conforms to me perfectly. I thought the seat was a bit too firm at first, but it soon started to soften up a bit and conform more to my body. I'm also only 5 ft tall and it goes low enough for me to put my feet properly on the floor, which is why I wanted a higher-end chair in the first place. It's very difficult to find a cheaper chair that will go low enough for me. I'm also a bit heavier. They make big and tall chairs, but not big and short chairs. The seats on the cheaper chairs kept wearing out and I was buying a new chair every six months. I finally invested in a better quality chair and I'm glad that I did.

Ashley Jones
The most beautiful AND comfortable chair I've ever owned

This chair is like sitting on a little cushion (and wow the leather is so soft!), while actually looking like a piece of furniture you'd want to highlight in your living room! This chair makes me want to clean my desk finally! An amazing investment for someone who works from home full time.

L Dallimore
This chair is MAGIC!

I think I am in love with this chair. It's gorgeous, it's comfortable, it's adjustable in every-way. It is 100% worth the investment. I'm convinced it's made me more productive. My teens actually fight over sitting in it to do their homework! What is this sorcery? I suggest you rename it to "magic chair" a title worthy of it's powers.

Finally, a chair that delivers

Since the pandemic, I have been using a kitchen chair as my office chair. So an upgrade was in the cards. I had done so much research and time and time again, this chair would come up. So I pulled the trigger and I love everything about it. Besides being incredibly comfortable, it is super functional. Very pleased with my purchase.

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