Fern Mesh Office Chair


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Customer Reviews

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Daniela Smith
Amazing Office Chair

I am so happy I found a perfect office chair for my high 5.1 because I can put my feet on the floor. Also, the adjustments are perfect and well-made. It's worth every penny!

Daniel Klob
Solid Quality

I was nervous about pulling the trigger on an expensive purchase like this sight unseen. Sure, I’d done my research but still. In hindsight I’m glad I bit the bullet. My fern has gotten even more comfortable the more I settle into it. The build quality is top tier, and contrary to all the factory fern headrest haters, I’m glad I went for it. If you want a pillow-like headrest, it won’t be for you. If you want something that cradles your neck and holds your head when you lean back, it gets the job done. Looking forward to many years with my Fern. Thanks Haworth!

David Pike
Worth it.

I am sure many of you hesitated and cringed at clicking the button to place order, but so glad I did. Yes, I would have loved to have found a 200 dollar chair that was remotely close, but they don’t exist. And I am frankly tired of wasting money every couple of years replacing inferior chairs.

While I have had my Fern for a few short weeks, I am thrilled with the quality and comfort after sitting in it for a full day. Fern is my new best friend.

Kevin Cservid
Best High-End Ergonomic Chair I've ever sat in!

After using my Silver Leaf Fern Chair for a month now - this chair has blown any other I've sat in out of the water! I was skeptical that the Fern's design was a gimmick, however after extensive sitting I can attest that the research and development that went into the chair's design produced the most suspended and supported backrest I've ever used.

I have sat in a range of Steelcase chairs and Herman Miller chairs, the Haworth Fern stands out amongst all of the top chairs as the lumbar support is ingenious and as a 6'1" tall 175 lb guy it fits me beautifully.

I highly recommend you test a Fern chair out, the seat is also phenomenal in that it is a high quality ergonomic seat while still providing extended comfort and you never feel like you're bottoming out. The adjustments have a wide-range and are very responsive!

It's such a comfortable chair I could easily recline back and fall asleep in it - the backrest is both a cradling feeling yet offers a dynamic range of movement within the chair where despite the backrest flexing - you ALWAYS feel supported.

Absolute work of art both aesthetically AND ergonomically/functionally.


This chair is awesome, it has the support I need for my back, and helps me fix my posture. This chair is high quality and deserves its #1 in all the chairs I’ve tried. It is hefty on the price but considering I have spent a lot of money of chairs that break after a couple of years this by far is the best quality, and I believe this chair is going to last.

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